The Blue Rose Gentleman and his Characteristics

BlueRose Gentlemen Emblem

The BlueRose is an exclusive club for men with very specific properties. You can find detailed information about the BlueRose itself on the page “The BlueRose and it’s Gentlemen“. Admission to the BlueRose circle presents applicants with a number of challenges that must be mastered with flying colors in order to be able to call themselves “BlueRose Gentleman” after successful admission.

The 11 minimum requirements of a BlueRose Gentleman

Every BlueRose Gentleman meets the following minimum requirements at the time of admission:

  • Proven dance knowledge of at least gold level
  • Good leadership skills in dancing with a lady
  • Active academic career or completed academic education of any degree
  • Very good knowledge of English and German
  • Very cultivated behavior
  • Very well-groomed appearance
  • Extensive experience on Viennese Balls
  • Very good orientation in the premises of the Vienna Hofburg Palace
  • Advanced knowledge of the most important Viennese Balls and their history
  • All 6 dance tours of the Fledermaus Quadrille (midnight quadrille)
  • Access to a black suit, tuxedo and tailcoat

The admission process

These minimum requirements are determined in the admission process in the course of several meetings. Among other things, every BlueRose Gentleman has to cope with the following situations very well in terms of the requirements:

  • A classic job interview in the presence of one or more BlueRose Grandseigneurs and BlueRose Gentlemen
  • Every applicant needs at least two BlueRose Gentlemen and one BlueRose Grandseigneur, who declare themselves willing to be their godfather and who are deeply convinced that the applicant is an enrichment for the entire BlueRose
  • Pre-dance to determine dance leadership style, dance gold levels and the 6 dance tours of the Fledermaus-Quadrille.
  • A dinner in the Plachutta Restaurant Wollzeile or Sacher Restaurant Blaue Bar – in German and English and in the presence of at least one independent (who may not be his godfather) BlueRose Grandseigneur
  • Attendance for at least 5 BlueRose club evenings
  • Visit to a ball in the Vienna Hofburg in the presence of an independent BlueRose Grandseigneurs
  • Successful completion of an examination on the most important key points and dates of the largest Viennese Balls

Do you want to be a BlueRose Gentleman?

In principle, potential prospects are suggested by BlueRose Gentlemen and brought along to club nights as a guest. However, we also offer the opportunity for a “cold” application, i.e. without direct contact with a BlueRose Gentleman. Are you male, can dance well, feel at home on balls and are interested in joining the BlueRose? Then Apply to Become a BlueRose Gentleman