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Your Dreamlike Ball Experience in Vienna

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Experience the fascination and beauty of Viennese ball culture up close. Dive into the glamorous world of Viennese elegance together with the BlueRose Gentlemen as your dance partner. No culture is more beautiful, more fascinating and more majestic than the ball culture in Vienna. No matter whether you just want to experience a single ball or an imperial stay in Vienna: we have the right program for you!

We have put together the most glamorous and brilliant overall packages for you to make your stay in Vienna a unique and spectacular experience of a special class. Close your eyes, listen to the waltz music and float together with the BlueRose Gentlemen over the dance floors of the most beautiful palaces in Vienna.

Our customers are curious (and also happy to dance enthusiasts) souls who want to experience Vienna and its ball culture from all the most beautiful perspectives, who want to feel safe and well looked after. Through the countless ball experiences of our BlueRose Gentlemen, we offer our customers unique insights into the brilliant spectacle of the Viennese ball fascination that you as an outsider could never otherwise experience in this unerring form. Please note that all BlueRose Gentlemen are always available to our customers in a competent, informative and charming manner as dance and ball accompaniment, but this is based exclusively and inexorably on the highest level of professionalism. There is no confiding, just respectability from both sides. We wish you a fascinating, wonderful, dance-rich and eventful time in Vienna!

Let yourself be enchanted, because your dream can now begin:

Including Dance Partner & Ball Tickets


Viennese Ball Total Packages

Your Dreamlike Ball Experience in Vienna

Would you like to experience a wonderful Viennese ball and sink into it? Then book one of our Viennese Ball Total Packages inlcuding a BlueRose Dance Partner now. With these packages everything that is necessary for an enchanting ball night is organized for you. All you have to do is wait for your ball gown in your hotel lobby in the evening. There you will be picked up by one of our charming BlueRose Gentlemen in a limousine and taken by you on a dance-rich and magical ball night. Simply book and dream.

BlueRose Ball Hours of Dance


BlueRose Ball Hours of Dance

Your Wonderful Dancing Experience in Vienna

Do you already have 2 tickets for a specific dance or ball event? Then book our Hours-Of-Dance Packages and one of our dance-loving and charming BlueRose Gentlemen will be your dance partner or ball accompaniment for a few hours or all night.

These packages are ideal if you are looking for a dance partner for perfection, dance classes, dance evenings, glamorous dance events or breathtaking Viennese balls. Booked immediately, guaranteed to dance and wonderfully guided. Your spirited time of dancing can begin.

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