The BlueRose and it’s Gentlemen

BlueRose Vienna Logo

The BlueRose is an impartial and libertine Viennese club for selected, well-educated, very committed and serious men to promote the Viennese tradition, consolidate internal contacts and build academic networks. The main engagement of a new gentleman is the support of ball events, the club and its internal events. The club and its services are coordinated by the LL Products and Services Enterprise and is under the care of the BlueRose Grandseigneuer.

The principles of the BlueRose are:

  • Respect and tolerance
  • Commitment and competence
  • Solidarity and friendship

The BlueRose Club has regular club meetings that serve to exchange current world events, strengthen relationships between club members and further education through lectures held by various personalities or members. All of the club’s men grew up in the Vienna Ball milieu, attended dance schools and learned early on what good behavior and respectful behavior mean. They are the most representative representatives of the Viennese Ball Elegance and live this dream in the form of their attitude to life and respectful treatment of other people. The admission of a gentleman to the BlueRose Club is subject to strict criteria, in which the applicant has to meet minimum requirements and must manage the admission process positively. You can find detailed information about the specific characteristics of a BlueRose Gentleman, the minimum requirements and the strict admission process HERE.

As soon as an applicant has successfully completed the admission process and has thus become a member of the BlueRose, he is officially referred to as a “BlueRose Gentleman” and is an active member of the club. During this time, he is obliged to support the club through commitment. They must demonstrate their good manners, courtesy, and ability to engage in engaging conversations with international and national circles. Part of the income that the BlueRose Gentlemen generate is used for internal costs (e.g. club premises), membership support, scholarships, charitable projects and other prestigious projects. The club is provided by the LL Products and Services Enterprise and enjoys extensive autonomy. After a reasonable time, a certain “maturity” and sufficient commitment to the club, a BlueRose Gentleman is honored to a BlueRose Grandseigneur, who is a highly regarded member for life and has the right to wear the silver-blue BlueRose brooch on his tailcoat or tuxedo. He still bears the name of “BlueRose Gentleman”, but also with the “Grandseigneur” award. It is therefore sometimes called “BlueRose Grandseigneur”. A Grandseigneur also has the option of being put inactive for club engagement, which is rarely the case, however, because the club and the Viennese balls have become a way of life for a Grandseigneur. Grandseigneren hold their protective hands over the entire BlueRose, protect it, help shape it and have a deep and lifelong connection with its members and network.

Please note: Every member is strictly prohibited from communicating internally to non-club members.