Viennese Ball Opening Packages

The opening of a ball is without exception one of the most spectacular highlights of a ball. The main role is played by the young debutants, who in “black and white” breathe life into the ball right from the start in the course of a rehearsed choreography. It is said that without the commitment and participation of debutants, no ball can be established. Because with their white dresses, which are still worn on the ball after the opening, you always give the ball youth and shine.

Each ball has its own specific opening and is usually rehearsed by Viennese dance schools in the course of several ball rehearsals.

Experience the opening of the ball from an incredibly impressive position and book our opening package. Nothing stands in the way of the dream of opening a ball.

Viennese Ball Opening

Viennese Ball Opening
Viennese Ball Opening

All Viennese Ball Opening Packages include:

  • BlueRose dance partner

    1 x young, charming dancing BlueRose gentleman of the required age as your dance partner for

    • 2 to 6 x waltz practice hours before the official dance audition of the selected ball
    • Official dance audition to be able to attend the ball opening
    • all vulnerable and necessary ball-opening-rehearsals
    • the entire ball (from the opening to the official end of the ball)
  • Participation fees

    All official fees for participating in the opening of the respective ball for you and your BlueRose Gentleman

What can you expect?

With our opening packages, you are guaranteed to be part of the opening of a Viennese Ball of your choice. Your BlueRose Gentleman will master the pre-dancing with you elegantly, attend the ball rehearsals skillfully, be part of the brilliant opening with you and then whisk you away to an enchanting ball full of glamor and dance. Our BlueRose Gentlemen are experts at the Viennese ball and have opened countless times. Your BlueRose Gentleman will guide you confidently, whirl around the floor with you and let you experience the most beautiful ball impressions. Make your dream come true and become a debutante of a Viennese Ball of your choice.